Urban Hymns

Bitter sweet symphony

(1997), filmed in Hoxton Street, London

an acoustic cover of mine

Velvet morning

"...and my feelings, they've always been betrayed, and I was born a little damaged man, look what they made..."

an acoustic cover of mine


an acoustic cover of mine

The drugs don't work

"...and I hope you're thinkin' of me, as you lay down on your side... they just make you worse, but I know I'll see your face again..."

Lucky man

"...I'm standin' here naked, smilin', I feel no disgrace with who I am..."

One day

"...oh don't you wanna find, can't you hear this beauty in life?

...you gotta tie yourself to the mast, my friend, and the storm will end...

...oh you're too afraid to touch, too afraid you like it too much..."

Come on

(in the second part of the song, it's Liam Gallagher from Oasis shouting things as "this is a big fuck you!!!")

Space and time

in Verona, Italy (2005)

Space and time

"...we feel numb 'cause we don't see that if we'd really care and if we'd really love, think of all the joy we'd feel..."