Alone with everybody

On a beach

You on my mind in my sleep

A song for the lovers (2000)

"I spend the night, yeah looking for my insides in a hotel room, waiting for you... we're gonna make it tonight, yeah something in the air tells me the time is right so we'd better get it on..."

Richard Aschroft was born on September 11...

Money to burn

Milan, October 2000

C'mon people (we're making it now)

"Sometimes I feel like I can't move on, nothing in this life is turning me on, but I still see clearly when I see you smiling... You know that nothing seemed to fit, I couldn't see my way through this shit, but every single second of my waking day was thinking of you, thinking of you, you've never known that I'm alive, I'm alive, I wanna grow... and there are so many things I can do, just like falling in love with you, so take my hand now, understand me, you can come here too... But today I've worked it out, I got something I can shout about, someone who believes in all the things I'm thinking... But where have you gone? Where have you gone? I never know... If you could only be with us..."

Brave new world

"...but for now, I'm just sittin' at the table, hearin' songs, wishin' I was able, stable..."

I get my beat

"...I need to hear the truth, from the soul of you, chase the moments we can share..."