Human conditions

Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona

Science of silence (2003)

"...she's a well to be dug, she's a university, a cosmic library, wait and see...

...and in my baby's arms I need no faith, I need no words, to define myself..."

Check the meaning (2002)

" God, but man, she takes a female form..."

alternative video

Buy it in bottles

Cat Deeley presents a 2004 live, with his wife Kate Radley on keyboards

Milan, December 2002

an acoustic cover of mine

Buy it in bottles

Lord, I've been trying

(an old acoustic cover of mine, dedicated to Alessandra Cora, her mamma and sister, earthquake victims)

"Lord, I've been trying, trying to keep myself from crying...and it gets hard... Captain, tell me, where I've been? Are there waves left there for me? Is there something left to see? Is there something left to be? ... Days, that I've been spening and all these blues, they're never ending... and it gets hard, yeah life will go on again, I'm gonna shake off these blues, I'm leaving them now..."