A northern soul

William Blake, "London"



"I wander lonely streets, behind where the old Thames does flow... and every face I meet, reminds me of what I've run from...

I've gotta tell you my tale, of how I loved and how I failed... I hope you understand, these feelings should not be in the men...

...so come with me in bed, because it's you and me, we're history, there ain't nothing left to say, when I will get you alone... maybe we could find a room, where we could see what we should do... maybe you know it's true, living with me is like keeping a fool...

...In every sky, in every kiss, there's something that you might have missed, so why am I now going to a place that now belongs to you... let's pick it up, let's even try to live today, so why not smile, don't dream away your life, 'cause it is mine... (the bed ain't made, but it's filled full of hope)..."

On your own

Life's an ocean

(at Later with Jools Holland, 1997)