Ashcroft supermix


I see houses

"...I get this feeling that I have been here before... how many lives will I waste? How many tears must I taste? Before my freedom..."

Valium skies

"...and when it comes to my valium skies, she don't mind if I cry..."

Appalachian springs


"...New York, I was Judas, she said a latte
double shot for Judas...
...But there must be some answer, I keep seeking, 'cause I gotta know we are numbered, and we are labeled..."

Rather be

Love is noise

A storm in heaven


one of my acoustic guitars

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Alone with everybody

On a beach

You on my mind in my sleep

A song for the lovers (2000)

"I spend the night, yeah looking for my insides in a hotel room, waiting for you... we're gonna make it tonight, yeah something in the air tells me the time is right so we'd better get it on..."

Richard Aschroft was born on September 11...

Money to burn

Milan, October 2000

C'mon people (we're making it now)

"Sometimes I feel like I can't move on, nothing in this life is turning me on, but I still see clearly when I see you smiling... You know that nothing seemed to fit, I couldn't see my way through this shit, but every single second of my waking day was thinking of you, thinking of you, you've never known that I'm alive, I'm alive, I wanna grow... and there are so many things I can do, just like falling in love with you, so take my hand now, understand me, you can come here too... But today I've worked it out, I got something I can shout about, someone who believes in all the things I'm thinking... But where have you gone? Where have you gone? I never know... If you could only be with us..."

Brave new world

"...but for now, I'm just sittin' at the table, hearin' songs, wishin' I was able, stable..."

I get my beat

"...I need to hear the truth, from the soul of you, chase the moments we can share..."

This is music

This could be my moment

" I'm lookin' at you straight in the eye, I know it feels good and I know you should try me, but every chance you get you just hesitate, is there something in my love that you really hate, open me up I feel real glad, you can take all I have, maybe maybe don't you think it's time yeah tonight?"

with Chemical Brothers, "The test"

Human conditions

Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona

Science of silence (2003)

"...she's a well to be dug, she's a university, a cosmic library, wait and see...

...and in my baby's arms I need no faith, I need no words, to define myself..."

Check the meaning (2002)

" God, but man, she takes a female form..."

alternative video

Buy it in bottles

Cat Deeley presents a 2004 live, with his wife Kate Radley on keyboards

Milan, December 2002

an acoustic cover of mine

Buy it in bottles

Lord, I've been trying

(an old acoustic cover of mine, dedicated to Alessandra Cora, her mamma and sister, earthquake victims)

"Lord, I've been trying, trying to keep myself from crying...and it gets hard... Captain, tell me, where I've been? Are there waves left there for me? Is there something left to see? Is there something left to be? ... Days, that I've been spening and all these blues, they're never ending... and it gets hard, yeah life will go on again, I'm gonna shake off these blues, I'm leaving them now..."

Urban Hymns

Bitter sweet symphony

(1997), filmed in Hoxton Street, London

an acoustic cover of mine

Velvet morning

"...and my feelings, they've always been betrayed, and I was born a little damaged man, look what they made..."

an acoustic cover of mine


an acoustic cover of mine

The drugs don't work

"...and I hope you're thinkin' of me, as you lay down on your side... they just make you worse, but I know I'll see your face again..."

Lucky man

"...I'm standin' here naked, smilin', I feel no disgrace with who I am..."

One day

"...oh don't you wanna find, can't you hear this beauty in life? gotta tie yourself to the mast, my friend, and the storm will end...

...oh you're too afraid to touch, too afraid you like it too much..."

Come on

(in the second part of the song, it's Liam Gallagher from Oasis shouting things as "this is a big fuck you!!!")

Space and time

in Verona, Italy (2005)

Space and time

"...we feel numb 'cause we don't see that if we'd really care and if we'd really love, think of all the joy we'd feel..."

Keys to the world

Milan, March 2006

"World keeps turning"

"...just a psichedelic thing, I'll bring you love, anything..."

me singin' World keeps turning

"Break the night with colour":

"...I don't wanna know your secrets, they lie heavy on my head...."

me singin'

"Keys to the world"

"Music is power" (2006)

A northern soul

William Blake, "London"



"I wander lonely streets, behind where the old Thames does flow... and every face I meet, reminds me of what I've run from...

I've gotta tell you my tale, of how I loved and how I failed... I hope you understand, these feelings should not be in the men... come with me in bed, because it's you and me, we're history, there ain't nothing left to say, when I will get you alone... maybe we could find a room, where we could see what we should do... maybe you know it's true, living with me is like keeping a fool...

...In every sky, in every kiss, there's something that you might have missed, so why am I now going to a place that now belongs to you... let's pick it up, let's even try to live today, so why not smile, don't dream away your life, 'cause it is mine... (the bed ain't made, but it's filled full of hope)..."

On your own

Life's an ocean

(at Later with Jools Holland, 1997)

hypocrite Ashcroft

Some criticism is necessary.
Richard Ashcroft... Poor hypocrite... As in this video, he's communist as Picasso shown there. Maybe he feels close to poor people now that in this video he didn't shaved his I don't get the link between poor desperate people and Ashcroft rich & happy on a Formula 1 circuit and on a helicopter... Maybe he wanted to underline this... But hey poor people, don't worry, "IF YOU WANT IT" (as annoyingly repeated), you can become rich... Notice his stupid face when indicates a poor with his finger, but no problem, as he says, you can call him... Richard always had an attitude of victim: oh he cries, oh he's in despair... what's wrong in his life? He's got everything. Which were all those pains, problems? How to manage millions? A girl not interested in him? Look at yourself in the mirror... The only problem was given by himself: the drugs. Then, "the drugs don't work"... when he (almost) stopped moaning about his condition (he didn't at all), he began to feel the saviour on Earth... (probably he thinks to be Jesus...). I met him at an Mtv programme here in Italy (they have left-wing ideas), where he was saying stupid things about poverty, he was in difficulties, yes, in his speech... At Live 8 behind the stage, singers were having caviar & french champagne... In a really beautiful song ("World keeps turning", great song for the music) on his last album, he sings: "all my blocks every night I try to figure out what's wrong and right...oh here, a hypocrite, yeah I did..." Wow, we hope he's sincere... He's really desperate about poverty (but his money is always raising...). It's a pity that this wonderful music is ruined by this man so full of himself... I think musicians should make music only, not politics, 'cause they don't understand anything, and they obtain the contrary of what they want (e.g. Bruce Springsteen & company against Bush, then he was the most voted president in the USA history). Richard's just an (ex?) drug addict. And a Man Utd fan hehehehe, fuck off great Richard :)
Gli Oasis detestano il Manchester United, com'è normale che sia, essendo la squadra della stessa città. Un loro caro amico, Richard Ashcroft, invece è un fan dei red devils, lo United appunto.
Secondo me quando nel famoso album "What's the story morning glory" gli dedicarono una canzone ("Cast no shadow"), definendolo un "Genius", erano ironici... In realtà lo detestano... (il suo soprannome è "MAD Richard").
Che delusione questo suo video: lui, pacifista, "sempre" attento alla povertà nel mondo, come quasi tutti i cantanti (miliardari eh, stile John Lennon...), nel video si vede che fa tutta una serie di cose da riccone, ad esempio andare su un elicottero, andare nella pit-lane di Formula 1, ecc., immagini alternate ad altre di gente povera, con lui che li indica col dito facendo una faccia da deficiente, e cantando "...when you feel like you've lost, when all your hope is gone, and the bridge above the river is only the beginning of your fall...", ecc. (bella immagine, ma...) Ovvero: mi dispiace per voi, ma io sono ricco, comunque non perdete la speranza eh! Ripetendo in continuazione "IF YOU WANT IT", se vuoi ce la fai... Eh vaglielo a dire proprio ai poveri in strada! Un vero demente. Gli sembravano rispondere 11 anni prima gli stessi Oasis sullo stesso album, nella canzone "Some might say", in cui dicevano: "Some might say that sunshine follows thunder...go and tell it to the man who cannot shine / who lives in hell.." (=qualcuno potrebbe dire che il sole viene dopo il fulmine...vaglielo a dire all'uomo che non può brillare / che vive all'inferno...).Infine, Richard legge "Life" con in copertina Picasso (comunista)... Povera stella, ma lui si sente come i poveri eh, forse perchè non si è fatto la barba per girare il video? ... Il poveretto ha sempre manifestato nelle sue canzoni la propria sofferenza: ma de che? Quali sono tutti questi problemi che ha avuto nella vita? Che si drogava? Che una ragazza non gliela dava? Si è sempre atteggiato a "poeta maledetto", alla francese, quando il suo vero problema forse è stato come gestire i milioni di sterline...
Peccato, perchè il nuovo album non era male (per la musica, poco per i testi), ad esempio la canzone n.10, "World keeps turning", davvero stupenda, mi esalto a cantarla e suonarla. Ma anche qui, "il mondo continua a girare" e chi se ne frega. Il testo è molto dubbio, camuffa la propria condizione nei rapporti con gli altri, ma parla di "sangue per le strade", dice che ogni notte lui, povero ricco, è bloccato a pensare quello che è giusto e sbagliato, povera stella... E c'è un punto in cui dice: "...oh here, a hypocrite, yeah I did...". Riconosce di essere un ipocrita?

Siamo alle solite: i ricchi che disprezzano la ricchezza. Degli altri.
Quando l'avevo incontrato a marzo, idem: la Paola Maugeri lo metteva in difficoltà dicendogli "ma al Live 8 per la povertà nel mondo, dietro le quinte mangiavano caviale e champagne..." e lui si era messo a ridere e farfugliare qualcosa sui telefonini, boh.
D'altronde non è una novità, fanno lo stesso al festival dell'unità (quest'anno, alla faccia della crisi, c'era caviale e champagne anche lì). Ma sì, PENSIAMO ai poveri del mondo, però noi siamo ricchi eh... Ipocrisia estrema.


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